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Our story          Here is what we have to say

How come why?

We are too used to divide the world between what was and what is, between past and present, between traditional and avant-garde, between "Childhood Memories" and "Seize the moment", between urban and rural. Rather than separate them, we have decided to weave them in a crown (Cununa). 

A crown made with style and craft in Romania and worn with skill and pride throughout the world.

But why?

If you mean “Why Cununa?", the answer is a lot, but simple. “Cununa" (crown in English) is the symbol of success, a sign of celebration, it is something that adorns and decorates. It is a praise, a compliment given to others, it's a recognition of the virtues and artists, it is a gift, a proof of admiration. Cununa adds the value of the past to the unique signature of the nowadays personal style. It is a perfect circle closing perfectly, but not before being a virtuous blending of various elements.

And above all, it is the goal of efforts, the crowning of the endeavors having left visible marks on the contemporary that it crosses.

Why in Romania?

If - on the other hand - the question is "Why in Romania?", the answer has only few words, but it is damn hard to say it. In Romania, because we have Brancusi also, not only Ceausescu, because we also have writers, not just card "readers", because also talented designers, not only graduate engineers, because also done by hand, not just go-by, because we lived a fascinating past, not only a gloomy history, because of our valuable uniqueness, not just “no one like us", because we also tell beautiful stories, not only scary news, because also in Romania, not only in Sweden.

Why in and from Romania?

If the question is "Why in and from Romania?", the answers immediately spring. Because "drag" (beloved) and “dor" (yearning) cannot be faithfully translated in another language. Because we can still save our uniqueness, our specificity and our values from the globalisation. Because things depend more on people than people on things. Because it is also possible here, not only elsewhere. Because we can write our future, even if we cannot change our history. Because the place from where we come is at least as important as the one where we want to reach. Because keeping ancestral traditions and talents also depends on us. Because we love objects which tell stories and objects with a soul, made from the heart.

How come? So what exactly does Cununa make?

Well, in human words, it’s a bridge. Between urban and rural, between national and global, between design and craft, between ancient and distant values (historical and / or geographical) and modern consumers, wherever they may be. Rather than divide two seemingly distinct talents, we weave them with harmony in objects about which you love to talk about when everybody admires them. The manufacturer or craftsman -  the shepherd of tradition and design - and the creator of the present, join together Cununa’s brand and they make objects preserving the technique and natural materials, as hundreds or thousands years ago, and they reinterpret the rest, as nowadays. The old technique with the new design. This is the "crown" we show to the world.